• Dambisa was named by TIME Magazine as one of the “100 Most Influential People in the World”.
  • She is the author of four NY Times Bestselling books.
  • As an economist, her work focuses on the global economy, geopolitics and financial markets.
  • Her work has taken her to over 65 countries.

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External Markets
  • Capital Account
  • Cross Border Flows
  • Current Account
  • Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
  • Reserves
  • Trade
Fiscal Policy
  • Debt
  • Deficits
  • Government Spending
  • Taxes
Monetary Policy
  • Interests Rates
  • Money Supply & Demand
  • Quantitative Easing
  • Reserve Requirements
Real Economy
  • Capital Spending
  • Consumption
  • GDP
  • Growth
  • Inflation
  • Labor Markets
  • Unemployment
  • Wages & Wage Growth
  • Conflicts & Instability
  • Elections
  • International Regulations
  • Public Policy
  • Bonds & Stocks
  • Commodities
  • Housing Data
  • Investible Ideas
  • Risk & Premiums
  • Sentiment
  • Volatility
Technology: Opportunities, Risks, & Responses
  • Advances in Healthcare, Education, & Finance
  • Cybersecurity
  • Efficiency Gains
  • The Future of Work
  • Shifting Corporate Governance: The Board Room
  • Demographics in a Historical Context
  • Investible Ideas: Impact on Markets & Sectors
  • Lifestyle & Preferences of the Future [Banking, Housing, Communication, Transportation]
The Future of 21st Century Corporations


NACD Event

Candace Rothermel
Manager, Education Content

She received some of the strongest feedback of any speaker at Summit; several comments on her compelling delivery and insightful messages. Many attendees left excited to read her book. A few suggestions for providing the book electronically, i.e. by a Kindle download, in the future—to avoid attendees having to carry heavy books. I think that’s a great option worth exploring. Read full Audience Feedback

American Chemistry Council Event

Edie Fleming
Managing Director, Meetings, Program Development & Marketing

Dambisa did a fabulous job during our annual meeting, and she is a lovely individual. I was fortunate enough to meet her partner and her dog prior to her presentation. So very sweet.

AdExchangers event

Dr. Moyo’s session was in the top 5 highest ranking sessions of the conference.
Here’s some of the feedback:

  • Dambisa was excellent, great selection for the event.
  • Clear delivery from Dambisa, providing relevant specific factors.

IVY Event

“Enjoyed that she brought up thinking points and context I had not yet considered. Great energy and emanated caring.”

“Very knowledgeable, professional yet personable, clear, concise, gave appropriate examples, and charismatic. Enjoyed.”

“So clear, and ideas that can be put to work”


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