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Global Economist, Author, Investor in the future. Marathon Runner.

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May 20

Throwback to my talk with @KPMG #DambisaMoyo https://t.co/X5hL2WDw9G

May 17

The most disruptive companies of 2022 have just been announced by @CNBC. It really is a sign of the times: a supply… https://t.co/afqsBngqbn

May 12

Saturday was a day I’ll never forget! I’m over the moon to have received an honorary PHD degree from the @AmericanU… https://t.co/sc4TJTNZ1K

May 11

China's share of Global GDP has been increasing significantly since 1980. What will the next couple of years have i… https://t.co/uIet09w49O

May 4

I enjoyed talking at @Allspring. I shared my belief that global growth is challenging, perhaps the biggest challeng… https://t.co/CQWLInXwN9

May 2

My take on high inflation from when I sat down with Lunches with Legends You watch can the full video here:… https://t.co/EZtEAvPJO0


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