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Global Economist, Author, Investor in the future. Marathon Runner.

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July 28

Did you know, this year's Fortune 500 companies: 🔵 Represent two-thirds of US GDP 🔵 Make $1.1 trillion in profits… https://t.co/PLvQQz9JWT

July 20

The top 4% of listed companies in the US have accounted for the net gain of the entire US stock market since 1926.… https://t.co/nKIpwKjwYf

July 18

The @UN’s latest ‘World Population Prospects’ report contains some very interesting findings. According to project… https://t.co/oIUIFyHAuu

July 12

I was delighted to join the panel for @ColumbiaSIPA’s Kent Global Leadership Program to discuss the global risks we… https://t.co/qJaQstiFGJ

July 10

The home of independent thinking! @ChathamHouse, also known as the Royal Institute of International Affairs, is an… https://t.co/h7WYKhPOkB

July 7

It was an honor to speak at this year’s ‘THINK’ conference, organized by the Institute of Economic Affairs -… https://t.co/Bj771vvz9q


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