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Global Economist, Author, Investor in the future. Marathon Runner.

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November 27

We all need to try to implement this little exercise in our lives each day. RP by @Pilatesplatinum… https://t.co/znrCGRfHHA

November 26

Wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving! #thankful #grateful #thanksgiving2020 #getsmarter https://t.co/WTo29auqjA

November 25

The importance of writing things down RP by @businessadvicedaily https://t.co/HA4vp4eeYu #getsmarter #writing https://t.co/cgpk2qWiIl

November 24

How's your work-life balance? Interesting post ranking the small & mid sized companies getting it right! RP by… https://t.co/EFwHGZ7dad

November 23

Africa is seeing a decline in fertility rates and meeting the challenges of an aging population is getting harder.… https://t.co/pSntIlOgmB

November 20

Which countries spend the most on research and development? Are you surprised? RP by @worldeconomicforum… https://t.co/wVAQftGGM1


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