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Global Economist, Author, Investor in the future. Marathon Runner.

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about 22 hours ago

When are you going to get started? Make today THE day! RP@foundr https://t.co/fSiaiOGTf6 #getsmarter https://t.co/aybsDLmrOd

January 23

There's always more to learn! RP@Foundr https://t.co/199mhxksH6 #education #getsmarter https://t.co/aVmBMF4PaR

January 22

As we embark on a new year, here are "10 Things I am Watching in 2021." #globaldebt #growth #recovery #getsmarter https://t.co/vHH5YqYwuO

January 21

Millions of new U.S. jobs will emerge in health care and tech as society ages and digital transformation changes th… https://t.co/uw5Yoa4c65

January 20

China’s economy is expected to grow 5.7% a year by 2025. How do you think Chinese economic leadership will change t… https://t.co/3pB4rPzZSK

January 19

I will be participating in the Exceptional Advisor Webinar, on January 21. Please join me at 4:30pm (EST) as we dis… https://t.co/vCxRHIHq8N


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