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Global Economist, Author, Investor in the future. Marathon Runner.

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July 30

Lots discussed in my interview with @InvestmentWeek: can boards have a bigger influence on companies, the importanc… https://t.co/msxvsf0XbE

July 29

.@deghanmay and @GovTechGeek were fantastic hosts on @diligentHQ's @directorpod. It's a great listen. #DambisaMoyo https://t.co/IZqUlOOu5b

July 29

A Queen among jesters? A rose among thorns? Thrilled to spend time with my policy wonk friends again:@ianbremmer… https://t.co/9G35aHxE9d

July 28

Pleasure to sit down & record an episode of @diligentHQ's @directorpod. We spoke about what it means to champion a… https://t.co/GrxMJ5K4An

July 22

I’m delighted to announce that I will be speaking at the @ClivedenLitFest this year. For more info head to:… https://t.co/JSOpKahRQx

July 21

A corporate board is responsible for setting the strategic plan of a company. Here I've listed some key factors for… https://t.co/5FxZJUVt9d


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