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Global Economist, Author, Investor in the future. Marathon Runner.

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July 2

This is such a great list of simple things that can add so much value to yourself. #getsmarter #ittakeszerotalent R… https://t.co/uJIfTu9K9w

July 1

Did you know, in #Japan, 28% of the #population is over the age of 65 with over 70,000 centenarians last year? RP b… https://t.co/4icnCI4Yqz

June 29

How things have changed. This chart from the @FT indicates that the debt owed to China now makes it the largest off… https://t.co/Tl5hpORLb2

June 26

We have to work hard for the next generation. #getsmarter #unemployment #jobs RP by @wsj https://t.co/nlJv7iZOBx https://t.co/eCZzcGSdGk

June 25

Now that you've been able to work from home for a few weeks, what does your desk look like? If you're a messy desk… https://t.co/AW54yC0qCU

June 24

A very interesting map showing the highest paying jobs in every state. Is it surprising that doctors and surgeons a… https://t.co/LfttQVcCBq


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