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Global Economist, Author, Investor in the future. Marathon Runner.

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September 20

I'm delighted and honoured to be shortlisted for the 2021 Thinkers50 Distinguished Achievement Award for Ideas into… https://t.co/IIz20xGj32

September 16

I always love speaking to @mellodyhobson - chair of @Starbucks, board member of @jpmorgan and most importantly a gr… https://t.co/R233Btc26I

September 13

I sat down with the Wall Street Journal to talk about those who have helped me in my personal career and given me a… https://t.co/Ud5Q23rgm9

September 10

Fascinating conversation with @mellodyhobson for the Black Corporate Directors Conference Fireside Chat. We spoke… https://t.co/hOIQwOaJ4S

September 9

What can we learn about technology from the pandemic? Read this fantastic article by Librarain Shipwreck :… https://t.co/3YPhgjNu2r

September 3

My advice for all women out there who want a seat on a corporate board 👇🏾 For more on women and corporate boards,… https://t.co/4a5pkGn3ol


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