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Global Economist, Author, Investor in the future. Marathon Runner.

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January 13

I’m happy to announce that I contributed to Klaus Schwab, Executive Chairman of the @WEF, book the ‘Great Narrativ… https://t.co/WuHgwLaJsG

January 5

My latest article for @HarvardBiz '10 Environmental, Social, and Governance questions companies need to answer' out… https://t.co/ZHoONSKDBk

December 22

I am thrilled to announce that I, along with @ForestWhitaker, have joined @NBA_Africa as strategic investors. I ha… https://t.co/CXNoXX5dpz

December 9

I loved speaking on @PortlandComms podcast 'To the Point'. We had a fascinating discussion about how boards really… https://t.co/mZukiJfPiR

November 28

Just wanted to say a big thank you to @UVU for inviting me to come and speak on campus. I met some wonderful and th… https://t.co/hH4HcBe2lx

November 24

I spoke at the @wef in Dubai. The success of challenges such as the climate, inequality, and even geopolitical fiss… https://t.co/HXErhmdtZP


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