H o w B o a r d s W o r k

And How They Can Work Better in a Chaotic World

In How Boards Work, Dambisa Moyo addresses fundamental questions:

  • The three (3) key responsibilities of a corporate board
  • The levers and limitations boards have to create change across the business landscape
  • Whether corporate boards remain the ideal governance structure in the 21st century

As well as more urgent questions:

  • How boards should address financial shareholder versus stakeholder capitalism, and balance profit motives with growing broader expectations of society
  • How boards should approach quotas as they look to address diversity, and the emergence of a new cultural frontier around data privacy, worker advocacy, and environmental concerns
  • Whether being ESG-compliant is at odds with investing in China
  • How to best to tackle 21st century challenges from digitization to deglobalization

How Boards Work: And How They Can Work Better in a Chaotic World

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How Boards Work Reviews


“A highly useful primer for investors and board members alike.”

Financial Times

“Highly instructive for aspiring non-executives and provides thoughtful analysis and reform proposals against which boardroom sophisticates can usefully test their assumptions…sit up and take note.” Read More

Reset Work

“A worthy read for people looking for an introduction to what corporate directors do from an insider.” Read More


“‘How Boards Work’ is an objective reflection of how modern corporate boardrooms function.” Read More

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